Integrity Due Diligence Investigations
Risk Mitigation, Verification, Examination, Evaluation, Compliance

Integrity Due Diligence Investigations

Integrity Due Diligence Investigations are provided by Investigative Resources International LLC (IRI) in support of corporations, financial institutions, investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, and individual investors in their management of risk, compliance (anti-corruption, KYC/AML) and avoidance of corruption, reputation damage and financial loss.

IRI offers a flexible approach to accommodate our client’s specific needs on a case-by-case basis whether it be Simplified Due Diligence or Global Enhanced Due Diligence.

Integrity Due Diligence Investigations provide focused, in-depth factual information to evaluate risks involved in significant financial or investment transactions to include joint venture, merger, acquisition or strategic partnership. These investigations are also beneficial when onboarding key personnel or suppliers/vendors.

Benefits of the Integrity Due Diligence Investigation include an elevated understanding of risks or potential risks when entering into a relationship with a company or individual. Relevant and reliable information is useful to make informed decisions and to achieve greater confidence in those decisions - be they favorable or adverse.

Although it can be difficult to determine if a company or individual will prove to be reliable or trustworthy at the outset of a relationship, it is possible to identify misrepresentations, inconsistencies, omissions and other relevant facts related to their background, character and reputation.

These investigations are planned and organized according to a variety of factors to include type and size of pending event, industry, compliance requirements, involved locations/jurisdictions and the nature of the subject organization/individuals. In many cases, specific questions arise that are of principal interest or concern to the client.

The scope of Integrity Due Diligence Investigation might include an individual company and its key personnel or a network of companies and their respective officers, directors, senior management, significant shareholders and beneficial owners.

The following areas of investigation are commonly involved in an Integrity Due Diligence Investigation:

  • Identification/verification of company registrations and business filings
  • SEC (or equivalent) filings of publicly traded companies
  • Identification of network of companies (parent/holding company, subsidiaries, indirect or undisclosed ownership interests, etc.)
  • Identification of associated individuals (officers, directors, board members, shareholders)
  • Identification of beneficial ownership of company or ownership percentages in the aggregate of network of companies
  • Identification of any Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) associated to the subject company, its branches, subsidiaries
  • Prior or historical ownership interests/affiliations (of companies and key individuals)
  • Professional licensing
  • Regulatory compliance histories (including complaints or disciplinary actions)
  • Publicly disclosed financial/investment activities and reports
  • Publicly disclosed contracts, contract awards, projects
  • Secured financing
  • Inclusion on watchlists or sanctions lists
  • Asset ownership interests
  • Intellectual property
  • Marketing activities/representations
  • Criminal and civil litigation background histories
  • Adverse financial activities (tax liens, civil judgments, significant debt) associated to the subject company and its branches, subsidiaries and primary officers, directors, board members
  • Published accounts or news stories (including adverse accounts) Identification of online platform/social media posts by, and related to, the subject company and its branches, subsidiaries and primary officers, directors, board members
  • Deep web search for information related to companies and associated individuals
  • Issues of specific concern

In many cases, specific investigation is directed to address concerns of involvement by the company, or its key principals, relating to corruption, bribery, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, organized crime or terrorist groups.

Information developed during the course of investigation is related to the client in the form of a written report with supporting documentation. Reports might also include graphs or diagrams of the corporate structure and other identified links. These reports include an executive summary identifying key findings and might also include specific comments or recommendations.

Link Analysis Diagram

Investigative Resources International LLC is an established and experienced firm. We have developed a variety of sources and methods used in conducting investigations to include public and open source records (OSINT), proprietary information systems, reliable sources (HUMINT), professional associates, and a network of field investigators.

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