• asset search & recovery

    asset search & recovery A Preliminary Asset Search is designed to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as real property interests; vehicles, aircraft or watercraft ownership; business ownership interests; income sources; financial accounts and liabilities such as civil litigation; judgments; tax liens; defaults and bankruptcies. Professional analysis of each matter will Read More
  • child custody/parental abduction recovery

    child custody/parental abduction recovery IRI provides investigative support in matters related to the custody of minor children. Fact-finding assignments may determine the background, character, activities and associations of an individual or other relevant facts relating to an individual's fitness. Read More
  • forensic examination/evidence documentation

    forensic examination/evidence documentation A variety of Forensic Examination techniques are utilized in many of the cases investigated by the firm. These techniques include questioned document examination, DNA testing, forensic pathology, blood stain analysis, and toxicological examination. Read More
  • intellectual property investigations

    intellectual property investigations Investigative Resources International is both experienced and effective in the investigation of intellectual property violations. IRI investigators conduct undercover field activity to identify product counterfeiting operations, and other unauthorized activities at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail levels. Investigators will ascertain the identification, background and associations of violators as well as Read More
  • litigation support

    litigation support Legal fact-finding, evidence documentation, public records research & retrieval, process service, interviews and legal statements, witness location, background investigations, witness protection, paralegal & notary services, and post trial interviews are some of the many services offered byInvestigative Resources International. Read More
  • locate investigation

    locate investigation Locate Investigations are undertaken to determine the current whereabouts of individuals (heirs, beneficiaries, witnesses, property owners) or company representatives (officers, directors, shareholders, executives) sought in connection with legal or business matters. IRI will execute standard location techniques on a cost-effective and diligent basis - even when supplied with minimal identifying information. Read More
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