Campesino ViejoInvestigative Resources International (IRI) places an emphasis on case management. Insurance claim investigation assignments made to IRI are controlled by a strict case management process:

Case Diagnosis: Each assignment is reviewed to assess the scope of investigation and attendant budget necessary to fulfill case objectives. IRI responds to all assignments with a plan of investigation, budget, and IRI recommendations at the outset of investigation.

Client Authorization: The plan of investigation and budget are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Investigation: Investigation is undertaken to varying degrees in every case and can include identification and retrieval of documentary evidence, scene investigation, witness interviews, evidence collection, surveillance or other required activities.

Progress Reports: Verbal or interim written reports and supporting documents are provided on a scheduled basis or when significant findings are encountered.

Status Review: Cases are monitored and reviewed in-progress and through completion. At the conclusion of planned investigation, each case undergoes a final review and analysis of findings in preparation for additional investigation or a Report of Investigation.

Report of Investigation: A complete written report is provided at the conclusion of planned investigation. The scope of these reports is comprehensive to include all relevant activities, findings and supporting documentation.

Online Access: Investigative Resources International has developed a secure and convenient Case Management System (CMS) to manage assigned casework confidentially. This HIPAA compliant system provides a private message center and many other features useful to exchange case details, reference materials and reports.

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