People Locator Service

Coastal RainbowFind relatives, friends, long lost loves, high school or college sweethearts, school and military mates or other persons with whom you have lost contact.

Locate birth (biological) parents, birth (biological) children and lost or missing siblings in cases involving adoption, divorce or family separation.

People Locator Service (PLS) combines available technologies, public records research experts and the internet to provide a cost-effective method to find people. PLS will undertake a professional search investigation designed to identify and locate the person being sought.

Each search investigation is completed by a special team of trained investigators utilizing available public records, developed sources and other professional techniques to achieve successful results. 

Working with your provided identifying and background information, our People Locator Service provides a professional locate investigation by trained staff investigators.

Investigation will be undertaken to further identify the person being sought, to ascertain that person's current address and other valuable contact information such as telephone, email, social media accounts, employer or relatives.

We specialize in difficult or complex cases.

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