Theft Investigation (Internal/External)

Military SentryInternal and external theft perpetrated by employees, criminal opportunists, customers, vendors, partners, and competitors continues to threaten the welfare of companies small and large throughout the world.

Investigative Resources International provides immediate response to instances of blue & white collar crime in the warehouse, field, store, branch office, or corporate headquarters.

Background investigations, forensic examination, interviews, surveillance, undercover operations and other activities are undertaken by professional investigators and trained operatives to identify and document the criminal activity.

Investigation is also directed to identify the participants and the level of their involvement relative to the crime.

In pursuing our investigation, IRI will act to quantify the loss and to locate and recover same -- be it material, equipment, intellectual property, product, capital, client accounts, or other valuable company assets.

IRI can also provide assistance to counsel, law enforcement and prosecutors in the pursuit of litigation arising from incidents of theft, larceny and embezzlement.

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